What should the player wear/bring to camp?

Players should wear comfortable baseball attire. None of our indoor locations allow for metal or rubber cleats/spikes. Students can also bring their glove and bat if they have one (there will be a few bats at the facility in case a player does not have a bat.) Please name tag your personal equipment (bats, bat bags, helmets etc.).

Who are the camp instructors?

Please see our Staff page for more information about each of our coaches. Our instructors are highly trained individuals in all levels of the games, from college to little league, who have a great desire to learn more about the game of baseball and to impart that to their camp players.

Where is the registration form?

You can download a brochure for any of our camps from our website. Just click on the camps, clinics, and leagues link and choose the camp you would like to attend and there is a registration link under each camp. You can also contact the Clinic Director by phone or email, just see our contact us link for information.

How can I register?

You can register online on our Camps page. You may also contact us with any questions.

Can parents/guardians observe the camp/clinic?

Yes, they can observe any part of camps and clinics. There is always room for parents/guardians to sit and observe.

How do I know my child has been admitted/accepted to a camp?

You will receive a confirmation by either phone or email when your child has been registered.

Is there room for every applicant?

No. There are limits to each camp/clinic by age. Reigstration is on a first-come first-served basis. We will not accept registration by fax or phone out of fairness to those who register via mail or online.

How quickly do the camps/clinics fill?

It varis from camp to camp, so please contact us or check the website for updated information.

Are the athletes kept separate on the field?

Yes. We separate the players by age so they will never be with players more than one year older or younger than they are.

How many coaches are in camp?

We will have one coach for every 10-12 players. Depending on the emphasis in a particular session, the ratio may be as small as one coach per player.

How many athletes are in a typical group?

It varies slightly depending on the camp, but we average about 10-12 players in each age group, with a maximum of 15 per group.

Is a new physical exam required?

We do not require a new physical for each camp or clinic. We do recommend that your child has an updated yearly physical. Please contact us if your child has physical limitations.

What if the camper requires medication?

Please contact us in advance and provide more details.

Do you have rules regarding behavior, and what happens if a camper violates a rule?

Yes. All camp/clinic rules are presented on the first day of the session. We have "common sense" rules that we require the campers to follow at all times. Any violation of these rules will result in immediate expulsion from the camp with no chance of a refund. We feel this policy is necessary to ensure a quality and safe experience for all campers.

What do you do in case of bad weather?

We will attempt to continue with the same schedule or as close as we possibly can. Email communication will be provided, and the website will be updated.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds will only be permitted with a documented physician's letter will be required due to an injury or illness.

How are the campers supervised during the overnight camps?

Head Coach/Camp Directory Pat Dolan and other staff members will supervise and stay with the campers overnight at the hotel. Campers that drive to the camp will turn in their keys upon arrival. We have room checks at 10:00pm and then again a lights out room check at 11:00pm. We then have a wake up call at 7:30am and a team breakfast at 8:00, and then we drive them back to the Husky Dome at 8:45am.